Success and Failure

In every sphere of life, in every career, profession or goal in life, success and indeed failure, happen to be constant occurrences. Of course, success is always the desired end, but failure sometimes is inevitable.Only a few persons succeed the very first time they try; some succeed after trying twice or more. Trying more than once
doesn’t mean you failed at first,it only means you needed to get more prepared for the upcoming success. When you don’t hit the target at the first attempt, just believe you needed to get more prepared and ready for the level of success you are about to achieve. It also gives you an opportunity to amend and correct certain methods you applied earlier. So no matter how long it takes, keep trying cause you are closer to success. It doesn’t matter your present age,what now matters is your future goal.

“Many of the life failures are those who did not know how close they
were to success before they gave up”.

The time/age factor…

“Success is not final,failure is not fatal,it is the courage to continue that really matters”.

When is the perfect time to start your quest towards success? At what age should one achieve a certain degree of success?
We all have different views when it comes to success. Some will say,it depends on the individual and the society. Some might also say the intellectual capacity, and age of the individual matters. Some of these views make success look like a thing for a class of persons. The views of age as a determinant of success pinches hard on the old who aspire to achieve success at their advanced age.
Although it is good to start early towards achieving success, but that
doesn’t mean one can’t start old and get there. Those who feel there
is an age limit to achieving success will say; ” you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. When I hear people make such comments, I ask,
“Really?; how come my old dog knows how to pose for selfies?”.*laughs*
Because others say it can’t be done, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try;
it takes one more effort to break a record.
Because you tried to get something done for years and you couldn’t;
doesn’t mean you can’t start now all over again; every failure takes
you a step closer to success, and a step away from repeating the same mistakes.
Think of all the things you planned to achieve at your present age.
Some could be too difficult to try now because of your age. Some you might not have time to give another shot because of your job. Some look too childish to try because of your status. Some you feel you can’t finance, some you have forgotten, some you have lost interest…
If you still have your dreams in mind, it means they are achievable.
Don’t lose the zeal to try again because people say it is late.

” Classify yourself base on who you are, not base on what others say about you”- Mose Clement.

“Define success on your own terms achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live”- Anne Sweeney.

Each time you want to quit because of what others say can and can’t be done, think of what success really is;
S– See your goal
U– Understand the obstacles
C– Create a positive mental picture
C– Clear your mind of self-doubt
E– Embrace the challenge
S– Stay on track
S– Show the world you can do it.

There is never a perfect time to start, only a perfect way; doing all it takes.

The failing factor…

An African proverb rightly says,

” it is by falling and rising that a child learns to walk”.

Failure should be seen as that street you always pass before getting
to your house of success. The street could be so bad;but if there is a  will, there is always a way.
Those who succeed aren’t good at avoiding failures, they are simply
good at focusing on success. Truth be told, failure can’t be avoided,
it can only be overcomed.Most persons spend their time and resources trying to avoid failure;instead of focusing on how not to miss success.

Rome they say wasn’t built in a day. It takes time to build the house
of success.
Nevertheless,no one climbs the ladder of success with his hands in his  pockets. So if you agree that Rome wasn’t built in a day, always endeavour to add a brick each day that goes by.

To reap, you must first make the heaps for planting.

Always remember;

failure is not failing to succeed, failure is succeeding in failing. -Mose Clement

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