“I alone knows the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.”(Jeremiah 29:11,TEV)

Have you ever wondered why the devil tries so much to distract us from our destinies? The reason is simply because he is aware that God has great things in stock for you in future. And since he could and can never get the future he hoped for, he tries to use all tricks to prevent you from achieving that which you hope for.

God has kept us alive to this month of the year that begins the ’ember’ months. Many stories might have be shared about what this season is known for, but God is telling you today what you should expect; a manifestation of His good plans for you.
He says His plans for us is to bring about the future we hope for. Why then should we get scared when the Lord of ages has decreed that we shall see the end of the year and far beyond; cause that’s a future we hope for.
Why should we worry ourselves of what might happen, when the Kings of kings has assured us that whatever happens will be in our favour.

His plans for us are of good, not of evil. So when people say serving God doesn’t pay, tell them you are a pensioner of heaven, and your pay is beyond material possessions.

When God blesses you, those who use to ask “WHO are you, will begin to ask ” HOW are you.

No one knows the plans God has for you; cause if some knew God’s plans for you, many might want to hack the database of your blessings and prevent you from getting blessed by God.
This is the power the devil lacks; the ability to know God’s exact plans for you. All the devil knows is that someday , sometime, somewhere, somehow, God who send someone, who will give you something, that will give rise to some more…

The only trick the devil has is that of deception; he will come in many forms, but can never get those rooted with God’s words.

So let us rise up each day, with confident and trust in God , with a heart filled with joy, and lips that constantly says…

” I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS, BUT I KNOW WHO HOLDS THE FUTURE…and He that holds the future and promised that He has great plans for me, plans that will bring about the future I hope for, so all I will do is trust in Him, and work towards that future…”

I wish you all the best life has to offer; and when things seems hard and sad, may God give you the power and grace to squeeze joy, and all you desire out of life.

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