Guide Me Lord!

Things might not be perfect;
Life might not be fair;
Friends might no longer be present;
Success might no longer be near…

But You O Lord still considers me to be dear;
You look beyond my imperfection and assure me that You are there;
You who know every strand of my hair, shall not allow me lack food or air.

I have ran clueless races, fought senseless battles, and driven mirage goals.
Now, I stand to acknowledge that Your grace is all I need O Lord.
My weakness has exposed the limit I can go alone.
Experience has shown me that succeeding without You, is worst than failing temporarily.
I have resolved to take each day as it comes, knowing your plans for me exceeds the provision of my daily bread.
Use me, Lord, to impact positively on others; let my life be a reflection of your glory.

I still want to run; but not without following your track.
I am ready to keep fighting; if you remain my Commander.
My goal is to be as you have willed; making exploits and conquering strongholds.

Guide me Lord!


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